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Drill: Tier 1 Concealment Cold Start Drill

Here is a fun drill that I tried recently from the guys at Tier 1 Concealed. They call it their cold start drill. The printable target can be found at The instructions are right on the target. You start the drill with two magazines. The first one will have two rounds in it, and the second will have eight rounds in it. This drill starts from the holster. At the start signal, you will draw and fire two-handed one shot on each of the top two 3 inch squares from ten yards. Then complete an emergency reload and fire six rounds two-handed at the middle box with 6 printed in it as you are moving from the ten yard line to the three yard line. After you have done this and reach the cones at the three yard line, you will fire one shot right-hand only at the bottom right box and then one shot left-hand only at the left box. This last boxes are small and force you to really throttle down from the previous six shots on the much bigger target. Also, if you are running a red dot on your pistol. It reminds you to think of your offset when you get to three yards. The box is small enough if you don't account for the higher offset of the red dot you will most likely impact right below the boxes. This was a fun and challenging drill. It works a few different skills. Two-handed firing at small targets at ten yards to work precision and six shots on the move to the much more generous middle box. This allows you to get some practice with quick follow up shots and working shooting on the move. At the end it sneaks in some single handed shooting, which I know I need to practice more of.

Hope you all have a fun and safe Weekend!

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