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Drill: Bill Drill 2

The Bill Drill 2 is similar to the Bill Drill with the exception of shooting a different amount of shots for each string. This variant of the drill was also developed by Bill Wilson. It is performed with an IPSC target at 7 yards just like the original Bill Drill. There are five total strings of fire to complete instead of just the one.

String 1: Draw and fire one shot

String 2: Draw and fire two shots

String 3: Draw and fire three shots

String 4: Draw and fire four shots

String 5: Draw and fire five shots

The total par time for all five strings is 10 seconds. This drill uses Vicker's scoring with a half second penalty for each point down on your target. This means for each shot in the A zone, no time is added. For each shot in the C zone, a half second is added to your time. For each shot in the D zone one full second is added to your final time.

This drill is fun because the A zone is generous enough, you get to push your speed and find your limits for acceptable hits and you really get to throttle it up. It is also fun because you can analyze and see how many shots you are able to shoot quickly before your grip starts breaking down and your hands start moving or coming off the gun while firing. It also works your brain a little since you aren't training yourself to shoot the same number of rounds for each string.

Hope you enjoy this month's drill. Have a great and safe weekend!

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