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Drill: Civilian Qualification #1

This qualification course is a simple proficiency course from a local church. This church has a well organized security team, and part of the protocol is to do regular qualifications for team members.

The qualification is simple and takes very minimal ammunition. It is simply two shots on an FBI "bottle" sized target, in four seconds. The distances vary, but the time and the standards remain the same.

String 1: 5 yards, 2 shots, 4 seconds

String 2: 7 yards, 2 shots, 4 seconds

String 3: 10 yards, 2 shots, 4 seconds

String 4: 15 yards, 2 shots, 4 seconds

Obviously, the farther the target is, the more difficult this drill is to perform. But the simplicity of the drill is a good standard to attain. It performs all the simple basics of defensive use of the gun, a draw (in a reasonable time frame), target acquisition, good trigger press, and recoil control. Simple, but effective.

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