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Our Vision

We see training as a non-negotiable responsibility for those that would carry a firearm for defensive use. We understand that every client comes to us with different knowledge and needs to be trained from their individual skill level.


Our goal is to create thinking defenders that are able to identify threats and employ proper skills when faced with a dangerous situation.

Ian Mena-Wieland

"When the time comes, we no longer have time to get more training. We don't get to rethink our carry weapon or our gear. We cannot go back and practice our skills or fix our deficiencies. The only thing you can do when faced with a deadly threat is to react with the tools you have. Hone your tools ahead of time."

Randy England

"The harder you push yourself and the more sweat you sacrifice during correct training, the more prepared you will be for the, "that won't happen to me scenario." If that time comes, you will thank yourself over and over again for the time you dedicated to keeping yourself prepared and able to see your family at the end of the day."

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