The course was set up great from beginning to end! After the class, I left with lots of new ideas to work on at the range. Ian did a fantastic job taking a group of beginners (some the first time handling guns) and maintained a safe experience for us all. Great info, great instructor, and a great day! Will be signing up for additional classes in the future!

Steven M.

Practical Carry 1

As a retired professor of medicine, I can certainly claim Randy England was well prepared, very professional, and always had the safety of all students as a major concern. He was excellent managing the students in small groups, offering individual assistance to assure safety of all in the immediate area. I would recommend this individual to anyone interested in a refresher of handling and becoming proficient with a handgun. Excellent course.

John M.

Practical Carry 1

Great guys, knowledgeable and love their work. I believe this class should be required of all gun owners at least once. It's a basic, well-rounded intro course to everything you'll need to know to stay safe and out of court. Highly recommend.

Robert G.

Practical Carry 1

The course was very helpful and the instructor was awesome the course was gives you great knowledge and the instructor knows how to help each student with his or her own personal weapons to improve there skills level . I think that the instructor goes up above his duties to help all of his students thank you again.

Sarah K.

Practical Carry 1

Great guys, knowledgeable and love their work. I believe this class should be required of all gun owners at least once. It's a basic, well-rounded intro course to everything you'll need to know to stay safe and out of court. Highly recommend.

Robert G.

Practical Carry 1

To start off, Ian is 1 of the best instructors I have had the privilege of being trained buy! Unfortunately for Axman it was a very small class, fortunately for me, there was just the 2 of us. So it was as close to 1 on 1 training as you can get. The course touches on the fundamentals, talks about situational awareness, shooting from different ranges, multiple targets with emphases on the 3 areas of shot placement, along with shooting on the move. There are some timed shooting events to help induce some stress/pressure. Threw out the afternoon we were able to shoot 250+ rounds. With that I found my technique improved a ton, my shot groups shrank dramatically, and my speed with accuracy is much better now! Looking back, I would of liked to have spent a bit more time at 25+ yards. I would HIGHLY recommend this course, for that matter ANY course that the great people at Axman put on!! I am looking forward to taking many more courses. Thanks!

Cameron J.

Practical Carry 2

"I took this course to obtain my MT concealed carry permit, as I already had my UT permit. My husband was a certified firearms instructor, but I admit, I needed to learn from instructors outside of my family, and not my husband. Awesome instructors, very patient with various levels in the class. I used a different handgun in each class and felt very comfortable with each. I recommend this course to anyone that wants handgun instruction to go along with the requirements necessary to apply for a concealed permit."

Teri B.

Practical Carry 1 and Concealed Carry Tuneup

"First of all, I had not shot or held a gun in over 30 years. My husband suggested that we take the Concealed Carry classes with Axmen. Since I didn't know much about guns, I was very apprehensive. However, with the calmness of the instructors and having the classrooms information the first day, my nerves were eased. Ian and Randy were very knowledgeable and could tailor the class to both the experienced and the novice. They also kept it very interesting by telling real-life case studies to emphasize their points. All through-out the course they were extremely adamant about SAFETY. That was number one. This was very reassuring. This was not only displayed by them in the classroom with their demonstrations, but particularly in the field. They watched us like a hawk and pointed out mistakes and tips to help us improve. At the end of the course, we had a contest, and I did much better than I thought. At one point I even beat my husband!! That was fun! I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the classes and would recommend them to anyone interested in improving their skills – at any level! Thank you guys!"

Jeannette A.

Concealed Carry

"Ian is absolutely amazing!! I took this class because I didn't even feel comfortable shooting my gun. I honestly felt nervous even owning it. This class was so helpful! I felt so confident shooting my gun after the pointers he gave me! I learned I was holding my gun incorrectly, which made all the difference. I also was closing an eye and not even looking out my dominant eye, so my target seemed off. He tailored the class to everybody!! It was so helpful to inexperienced people as well as more experienced shooters!! I would and have recommended to friends!!!"

Chelsea R.

Concealed Permit

"I had been wanting and reviewing Concealed Carry classes for several months when I happened to visit the Axmen's store. I figured the timing was right so I sighed up for their two weekend Saturday class. The first class was dedicated to the "academic side" of firearm carry. Things that really impressed me where: 1. Knowledge and experience of the instructors 2. The dept of knowledge for concealed carry one should be aware of. 3. The four rules of safe firearm carry 4. Although the "four rules of carry " are extremely important the one thing that really impressed me and has stayed with me is that "there is a lawyer riding every bullet fired in self-defense". Point what is necessary to protect life, limb and family but also be aware...regardless of circumstances....there will be get ready to deal with them. The 2nd Saturday was held on a cold, windy day at the range. The instructors were very meticulous regarding the safety of all participants and were extremely helpful with proper handling of your firearm, grip, action etc. My overall impression about this class was the fact that not only were all the basics covered in-depth but "responsible carry" really was stressed. I am aware that in warm weather this is a one day class. But, honestly, I am thankful that mine was "two days" as the class content and instruction exceeded my expectations."

Pat O.

Concealed Carry 1

"This class provided very valuable information, both in the class room portion as well as the hands-on target practice drills. I was surprised at how much I didn't know! But, my confidence level increased tremendously as a result of this class, as did my situational awareness. Great instructors, small classes with individual attention."

Liz H.

Concealed Carry

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