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Drill: The Old Bakersfield PD Qualification

This is an old drill from the Bakersfield, California police department. It was developed to challenge officers within a low round count.

The basics of the course of fire are (remember this is with the police mind set on a call response): All of this begins from the holster at each distance, but if you need to, go ahead and start from the low ready.

Start position: holstered or low ready

Target: 7" circle drawn over a 9" x 13" box (alternatively, use a sheet of paper) put this on a silhouette target

Scoring: in the circle is 10 points, with the box being 8 points. The rest of the silhouette is 6 points.

Time penalty: 1 point is lost for every 1/4 seconds over the par time. (One full second over time would be 4 points lost)

The course of fire:

2 rounds in 1.5 seconds at 10 feet (“No one should be closer than that.”)

2 rounds in 2.0 seconds at 20 feet (“The length of a car.”)

2 reload 2 in 6.0 seconds (8.0 for revolvers) at 30 feet (“From the curb to the front door.”)

2 rounds in 3.5 seconds at 60 feet (“From the opposite curb to the front door.”)

Passing score- 80 with 100 points possible.

Have fun!

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