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Our Home Range

Hellgate Civilian Shooters Association offers practice and world class shooting competitions at two ranges, Deep Creek and West Riverside.


Our Deep Creek Members' Facility is open 7 days a week for club members. The day-use range for non-members is open 4 days a week. Deep Creek day use range has twenty-four covered firing points for shooting between (25) and (200) yards. The members side of the range boasts two 40 yard pistol bays, rifle bays up to 600 meters and the option to shoot 1000 yards once a week.


The original 100 yard outdoor range located in West Riverside is still in use today. The club house and indoor range is used for .22 caliber standard velocity pistol and small-bore rifle competitions.

The fee for using this range is $5.00 per day per shooter. Memberships are $45.00 per year.


Come out and shoot on our day use range! The drive is scenic and the range safe and well run. 

Memberships are affordable and offer great shooting options for any discipline. Shoot long or short range and have fun on a private range!

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