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Randy England

Randy England joined the Army National Guard in July of 2005. He served a total of eight years with the Montana Army National Guard as an Infantry Soldier. He spent time deployed in Iraq during 2010 and 2011. While in Iraq, he operated an MRAP vehicle and gunned in Convoy Security missions in combat operations. While overseas, Randy also provided site security. He became certified as a Combat Lifesaver in 2011. He has trained in MOUT training domestically. He took a one week course in Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Operator training while in Camp Shelby, Mississippi in 2010. Domestically, he has basic experience in ground fighting tactics. He attended the GFT training course while in Santa Fe, New Mexico during 2008.


As Randy England became more interested in handguns, he took a Smith and Wesson armorers course in September of 2015. Randy became certified as a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer. He is currently licensed as a Montana Firearms Instructor. He is a current NRA member.

Randy invites you to train with him.


Ian Mena-Wieland

In his 5 years as a military police soldier, Ian Mena-Wieland gained experience in law enforcement as well as combat operations during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom I and III. Domestically, he gained experience in law enforcement and small arms, and crew served weapons armoring. While deployed, his primary missions included site and convoy security, personal security details for VIPs, and training members of the Iraqi Police/Iraqi Army.

Once discharged, Ian Mena-Wieland gained experience with the Flathead County Sheriff's Office as a volunteer, and became a state licensed armed security officer. As a Kalispell Regional Medical Center security detail supervisor, he experienced many incidents that required verbal and/or physical responses.


After receiving a Bachelors of Arts in Criminology and a Certificate of Arts in Forensic Studies from the University of Montana, Ian Mena-Wieland was sent to the Smith and Wesson Armorers training and then the NRA Handgun Instructors Course. He is also a Certified Range Safety Officer and Montana Certified Firearms Instructor, Ian is passionate about teaching the safe defensive use of firearms.

Ian Mena-Wieland has received combat, medical, and technical training from the U.S. Army, as well as non-lethal and firearms training from the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office. He has attended several training courses from FCSO, and federal law enforcement officers. He continues to train in his discipline.

Ian invites you to train with him.

As we continue to expand our knowledge base, we recommend instructors that we have trained under. Please look into these companies for further instruction.

Craig Douglas

Course Attended: ECQC

Coursework: Entangled gunfight and managing unknown contacts

Modern Samurai Project
Scott Jedlinski

Course Attended: RDS Pistol

Coursework: Red dot equipped pistol skills and efficiency 


John Farnam
Vicki Farnam

Course Attended: Defensive Handgun

Coursework: Handgun skills, pre/post fight skills

Lone Star Medics
Caleb Causey

Course Attended: Treatment of Combat Casualties

Coursework: Layperson medical intervention skills

Immediate Action Combatives
Cecil Burch

Course Attended: Surviving the Knockout Game

Coursework: Protecting yourself against a vicious unarmed attack (hand to hand skills)

Strategos International
Guy Beveridge

Course Attended: Church Security

Coursework: Developing a plan for your church to include the medical, physical and lethal plan

Course Attended: Behavior Pattern Recognition

Coursework: Understanding and identifying pre-assault indicators and early intervention techniques

Massad Ayoob Group
Massad Ayoob

Course Attended: MAG 40

Coursework: Self defense law, courtroom workings, and handgun skills

Citizens Defense Research
Melody Lauer
John Johnston
Chris Cypert

Course Attended: Armed Parent/ Guardian

Coursework: Defending yourself and family with children as a consideration.

Course Attended: Contextual Cognition

Coursework: Understanding criminality and creating a defensive plan

Mike Pannone

Course Attended: Low Light

Coursework: Employment of flashlights and low light techniques

Last Resort Firearms Training
Ed Monk

Course Attended: Active Killer Response

Coursework: Realities of the time frame of response, the attack, and prevention/mitigation of damage

Agile Training & Consulting
Chuck Haggard

Course Attended: Small Auto Pistols

Coursework: Techniques and skills specific to the pocket sized handgun

Tap-Rack Tactical
Bill Blowers

Course Attended: Tac Pistol

Coursework: Handgun skills with self diagnostic training

Aprill Risk Consulting
William Aprill

Course Attended: Unthinkable

Coursework: Criminal mind/motivation and handgun shooting skills

ReadyUp Tactical
Fletch Fuller

Course Attended: Keep your Piece

Coursework: Defending your handgun from a takeaway

Suarez International
Randy Harris

Course Attended: Point Blank Pistol Skills

Coursework: Defensive use of the gun inside contact distance.

Palisade Training Group
Steve Moses

Course Attended: Church Security

Coursework: A focus on how to develop a church safety plan to include medical, less lethal and lethal skills

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