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Why Reloading?

A lot of people over the last few years have considered reloading as a way to get around ammo shortages. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn't. Let's go through some pros and cons based on some common talking points.

Reloading is a hobby:

Reloading is a GREAT hobby, if you have time for another hobby. Some of the best reloaders I know are unsure whether they reload to shoot more, or shoot so they have brass to reload. Reloaders are often tinkerers or people with a high standard for their ammunition that is not met by major manufacturers. A lot of people abandon reloading simply because it takes too much time. But the good news is its a great hobby, the bad news is it IS another hobby.

Ammunition is cheaper:

Ammunition will be cheaper if you reload it versus buy the ammo off the shelf. However, many people forget to see what their time is worth. With bulk loaded ammunition such as 9mm or 233 Remington, often we see that we are paying ourselves only a few dollars an hour to load our own. With specialty loads you may very well save a significant amount of money though. Also, the quality control can be better than the factory if you put the time into the process.

I will be able to have ammo when I can't buy it on the shelf:

The availability of ammo will be better for you if you handload IF you stock up on the raw materials ahead of time. This means that you need to have appropriate powder, primers, casings and projectiles to make the ammunition you desire. Handloaders will also over consume their components just like all the loaded ammo being stripped from the shelves. When things start to come back, however, the raw components you would use to make your ammo is already allocated toward the manufacturers making the ammo to fill the shelves again. Thus, the handloader must wait longer to get what they need that the average consumer. Rule is, if it's the last thing on the shelf during the rush, it will be the last thing back on the shelf when it is over. So plan ahead, and you will have everything you need.

Reloading really is a great way to cut costs on quality ammunition, provided you have the time and motivation. If you are interested we recommend picking up a reloading manual, as the all have the basics of reloading in the beginning of the book. If you can, find a reloading class in your area. The NRA offers some basic metallic and shotshell reloading courses that can give you a great head start.

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