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Drill: 5 Yard Card

This month's drill has been circulating the internet recently. It is a variation on the 5x5 drill (5 yards, 5 seconds, 5 shots, 5 inch target, repeated 5 times). The new variation is performed only a single time, but is done on a standard size playing card.

As gun people often do, challenges have also been issued. Each deck of cards is 52 cards, with 52 weeks in a year. Challenge to shooting a card every week. Some find the playing card too big, and will issue challenges of smaller targets like business cards. However you shoot the drill, make it challenging.

Target: Standard size playing card

Distance: 5 yards

Time limit: 5 seconds

From the holster, draw and fire five rounds at the playing card. To pass this drill, you must have all shots on the card at or under five seconds.

Have fun!

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