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Social Distancing for Safety

The last month has been a challenge for many people. With the COVID-19 virus, we have not been able to gather in large groups for what were normal activities. But should we keep distancing for our own safety?

Distance Equals Time:

In a self defense situation, distance increases more reaction time. This time can be used to continue to assess the situation, to bring weapons to bear, or escape. Due to the recent distancing due to a illness, we now have a good idea of what 6 feet and 10 feet is. With this, we can reassess our social bubble and use it as the new normal when talking to people, especially people we don't know.

While 6 feet doesn't give you a lot of time to use for getting out tools, it gives you an extra step for escape, as well as a greater view of what a person is doing. This view will give you more information about the persons intentions. If you have the opportunity, go to an ECQC (Extreme Close Quarters Contact) class by Shivworks. The managing unknown contacts portion is extremely important in understanding pre-assault indicators and how to deal with an escalating threat. Here are some reference videos on talking to a stranger and understanding pre-assault cues.

Remember, that sometimes we can't use our best defense of avoiding the fight. If you build a time buffer into your daily routine, you can greatly increase your safety.

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