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It's a System

So you went out and did the research and purchased your new gun for concealed carry. I got my concealed carry permit and some training. What else do I need to think about?

For the nuts and bolts of carrying a firearm concealed, we need some support equipment. The first item everyone thinks about is a holster. The holster is a vital part of the concealed carry system. It must cover the trigger guard and keep the firearm in its proper position all day long. Chose a holster and an extra magazine pouch based on these features, as well as its suitability to your carry position and needs.

The belt is the next item that we need for carry. Most people already have a belt, but have they ever put on a 1-4 pound weight on that belt? In most cases, traditional belts are not equipped to handle the weight of a concealed firearm. A firearm belt can do the wok much better and will be much more durable in the long run.

Finally we get into the clothing aspect. Many people forget that clothing can help or hinder your concealment as well as your access and draw speed. Finding out that your gun prints through your favorite shirt, or that your undershirt bunches and interferes with your draw is a critical part of carrying concealed.

Be safe, and start putting it all together!

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