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Equipment: The SIRT Laser Training Pistol

The SIRT laser training pistol is one of the best ways to enhance your dry fire training. While only offered in a small number of models, it gives you the two things that are most lacking with traditional dry fire: point of impact and a resetting trigger.

Next Level Training, the innovators of the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) pistol, are headed by Mike Hughes, a USPSA competition shooter. The idea started as something that Mike wanted himself, and blossomed into a product that we all can benefit from.

This product has 2 lasers that activate by the trigger. One activates upon pressure added to the trigger, or upon take up. The second activates at the trigger break. The premium version uses both red and green lasers to differentiate between the two, but the take-up laser can be turned off, leaving only a momentary blink when the trigger breaks.

The SIRT slide does not move, but the magazine can be manipulated for reloads, and the trigger does reset, giving you a repeatable trigger press without resetting the striker in your live firearm. This is very advantageous if you wish to do more than one shot on a target off the draw, or if you like to work transitions.

This training tool is a little more pricey than other laser devices, but it offers the total safety of not using a live firearm at all, as well as the resetting trigger. Remember, this is a one time purchase, and it gives you all the dry practice you can handle.

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