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Equipment Review: Range Buddy App

The Range Buddy App is an application for your phone that offers drills and a social space to shoot those drills against others that use the app. The app is quite useful if you struggle to find useful range drills, as you can sort by ability (beginner, intermediate and advanced), as well as by target type you use l, and even whether or not you would like to incorporate movement.

The best part about the Range Buddy App is really not even those applications. It is the paid version (currently $14.99 a YEAR!) in which you get the virtual instructor for when you are at the range alone. The virtual instructor can give range commands verbally by name, shape or color.

But a bonus even to this exists. For live and dry fire, a verbal command is processed faster by the brain. In real life, we may key off of visual stimulus like someone reaching for a gun. So the Range Buddy App has integrated a visual stimulus as well as a shoot/no-shoot photo library, so you can use a photo (displayed for the amount of time you wish) to be your command. Range Buddy has successfully integrated decision making into a dry fire and live fire app, and all for 15 dollars!

The app is well worth the money for me, and I hope you will investigate it further. New updates may even integrate specific brands of shot timers. Very exciting tech!

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