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Education vs Training

The gun world is full for training opportunities. We see classes, online and in person, offered all the time. We also can consume written, spoken and video information as well, often for free. All of this info can give you an excellent basis in what you want to learn. But when does it go from information to education to training?

First, let's define our terms. Information if raw data coming in. It's accuracy and relevancy can vary depending upon the source and the individual consumer of the info. Education is taking in vetted information and weighing how it works in your life. Training is the process of applying the education to your life in a real context. Training is not just doing the thing you have been educated on, it is also making mistakes and correcting those mistakes.

This is how we can get good information and poor training from a class. We can also learn a great training methodology and have poor information with which to base the training.

So it becomes our duty to check the accuracy and validity of the information, apply it to our lives in a way that makes sense, and then to drill the skills in real life (best under another set of experienced eyes) to make mistakes and then correct and refine the technique or drill.

Work hard, take in good info and apply it accordingly.

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