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Drill: The Unknown Gun Drill

I recently attended a Mike Pannone class. He had us pair up with a buddy to set this drill up. The focus of this drill is to see if the shooter can run their gun autonomously. This is the point where the shooter has enough experience in shooting their handgun and clearing malfunctions that they do not need to think of how to make their gun start working again when they encounter a malfunction. When someone has reached this level of experience, instead of having to use their brainpower to process information of how to work their handgun, they can use that brainpower instead to process how to best end the deadly force encounter.

You will hand your gun with the action open and clear of any ammo to your buddy. You will also hand them two magazines and some ammunition. At this point you will turn around so you are facing up-range away from the targets so you can't see how the other person is setting your gun up. Your partner will tell you when they are done setting up the gun. At this point the shooter will turnaround so they are facing downrange again and your partner will then put your gun in your holster for you and your magazines in your holster for you. The reason for this is so the person shooting cannot get an idea of how heavy their magazines are or how heavy their gun is, which would indicate how much ammunition is in it.

At this point your partner will brief you what distance you will be shooting from, they will tell you what drill you are to complete, and whether you are shooting with two hands, dominant hand only, or support hand only. After the shooter receives the command to commence firing, they will start the drill and clear any malfunctions or issues that they have with their gun as they encounter them. Use your imagination, you can have a lot of fun with this. Maybe set them up with a double feed in the holster, set their first magazine for a reload so it is completely empty in their mag carrier, put their gun in their holster with no ammo at all in it and you can even use dummy rounds or snap caps mixed into the gun and magazines for this drill. Have fun with it and be safe!

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