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Drill: Slytac Mini Casino Drill

The Casino Drill was originally created by Tom Givens of Rangemaster Firearms Training Services but required a larger target. Slytac Training Solutions put their little twist on this drill in order to fit it onto a 11x8 sheet of paper that can be printed at home from

This drill is to be completed at 5 or 7 yards. The shooter will have three magazines with 7 rounds loaded into each of them for a total of 21 rounds. The drill is intended to shoot the numbers in sequence and shoot each number how every many times it says in the shape. For example, start on one, shoot one round, then two shots on number two, and then three shots on number three etc. Each time the gun runs dry, complete an emergency reload and continue shooting the course of fire. Par time is 21 seconds, with misses and improper shooting sequence adding 1 second per penalty. After you get comfortable with this, then you might try your own spin on it. Maybe Shoot the numbers in reverse order, or odd numbers first then even numbers in order, load each magazine with a different number of rounds for a total of 21 rounds so the shooter doesn't know when to expect the reloads. If you would like more practice clearing malfunctions or need to work though some anticipation issues, then incorporate some dummy rounds into your magazine or your buddies magazine. This drill will help you introduce some cognitive skills into your shooting and will also help you work on throttling your speed as you are transitioning to different sized targets, some smaller and some larger. This will allow you to throttle the speed up on the larger targets with still being able to get hits and throttle your speed down on the smaller ones. There are many ways you can change it to fit your own needs. Enjoy and get creative with it!

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