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Drill: Point 1 Tactics Cold Standard V2

Drill: Point 1 Tactics Pistol Cold Standards V2

Target: Point 1 Tactics Pistol Cold Standard V2 target (found at

Number of Rounds: 12

Distance: 3 yards

Start Position: 6 rounds in concealed, holstered gun and 6 rounds stored in magazine on your body for emergency reload. Hands in the interview stance or high thoracic position.

This drill is meant to complete for the first drill when you go to the range when you are “cold” and not “warmed up” yet. This will audit you and show how you perform on demand if you had to use your gun.

At the start, begin to move backward while firing six rounds to the center rectangle. Once you have finished this, you will stop moving and complete an emergency reload.

Next, you will fire two rounds into each of the bottom Howitzer logos at the bottom of the target.

Lastly, you will begin to move towards the target while shooting one round into each of the Point 1 Tactics logos at the top of the target.

This drill works a number of different skills with only having to burn up 12 rounds at a time. This drill also introduces enough different tasks, that it tests if you have to concentrate a lot on the shooting fundamentals or wether you can do those autonomously and put your focus on each of the individual tasks that need to be completed and to think of which task comes next. This drill is going to work on a bunch of your fundamental skills and put them together into one big task. You will be working on drawing to a large target and shooting quickly, then completing an emergency reload, followed by slowing your pace down in order to get hits on each of the small targets and having to transition between smaller targets. The small targets will check your recoil management in order to make sure that you have a good grip on the pistol and that the sights fall back onto the target quickly. Each of the three different tasks have a different amount of rounds that are required to fire, so you also have to think of how many to fire for each portion. Lastly, this drill involves movement while shooting small targets. This is going to require that you don’t have a lot of bouncing up and down in your step as you are moving. Try to just move at the knees while you are walking.

At first, try this drill with no par time. Then slowly start working your time down. This is a pass/fail drill with no misses allowed. This means any misses are a fail.

Hope you enjoy and have a great and safe weekend!

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