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Drill: Hateful 8

Bill Blowers is owner of Tap-Rack Tactical, a training company based in Washington state. After a career in law enforcement, Blowers entered the private sector as an instructor of citizens as well as law enforcement officers. He saw a need to make people better, be it with a handgun or with a riot shield.

His drill, the Hateful 8, is a low round count drill that has a lot of time pressure on it. While it is simple tasks, it must be done correctly.

Rounds: 8 rounds

Target: B8 (printable HERE, courtesy of

Distance: 8 yards

Time: 8 seconds

Magazine Setup: 4 rounds in the gun, 2-2 round magazines for reloading

Drill: at the start signal, draw and fire 4 rounds. The slide will lock back. Perform a reload. Fire 2 rounds to slide lock. Reload. Fire the final 2 rounds.

This drill seems very simple due to the fundamental skills it uses, but the timer can make it much higher stress. If you are unable to complete the drill in the prescribed time, work a longer par time at first, endeavoring to reach the 8 second mark.

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