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Drill: Draw, Index and Shoot Dry Fire Drill

With ammo still being tough to come by, here is a drill that can be practiced dry (without ammunition). This drill will also work your low-light skills as you will be completing this drill with a handheld flashlight. This drill comes from the Michael Seeklander book, The Low Light Fight - Shooting, Tactics, Combatives. In this book, Seeklander recommends the one hand technique or hands separated flashlight technique. This technique is where the shooter keeps their handheld flashlight at a temple index or a chin index with their support hand and extends their handgun in their dominant hand firing single handed. This will illuminate both your sights and your target. Also, with the handheld flashlight indexed against your temple or chin, the light will move with your head and illuminate the area in the direction you are looking.

Before doing this drill dry, ensure their is no ammunition present on you, in your handgun or in the room. Also, ensure the direction in which you will be practicing provides a safe backstop without others behind it.

Seeklander titles this drill as: Medium Range Draw, Index and Shoot Dry Fire Drill.

Start position: With gun empty of ammunition, cocked, and holstered and flashlight wherever you carry it.

Setup: One 1/3rd sized humanoid target such as an IPSC target or target of your preference. The target will be set at room distance (5-7 yards).

Action: At the start signal, draw and index the light and handgun and fire (click) the trigger three to five times, aiming at the center of the target. After this, scan the area (check around you and behind you) before setting the drill up again.

Critical points: Ensure you are swiping the thumb safety off at a consistent point each time if you have one. Use index points to ensure you are consistent in deploying your flashlight and drawing your handgun to the same places each time. Ensure that you are not pointing your handgun at yourself during the draw and while deploying your flashlight.

If you have a Glock or handgun where the trigger gets stuck in the rear position after dry-firing it, you can fold a small piece of Paracord in half and place it between the extractor and barrel as you close the slide. This will keep the gun slightly out of battery and prevent it from firing and decocking. This way you can press the trigger the three to five times during the drill, it will just feel squishy.

Hope you enjoy this drill.

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