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Drill: Balance of Speed and Accuracy (BSA)

The Balance of Speed and Accuracy Drill is to draw and fire as many shots as you can into an eight inch ring within two seconds. If you are shooting at an indoor range that does not allow drawing from a holster, then your start position can be from the low ready. The acceptable accuracy for this drill is to keep your shots all within an eight inch circle. Paper plates work great for this. This drill is completed at your desired distance. A good starting point is 3 yards, then work out from there. You will notice the farther from your target that you get, the harder it is to complete your shots in the par time. This is mainly due to two reasons. First, you are drawing to a smaller target. As you increase your distance from the target, the target gets smaller and your sights cover more of the target, making it more difficult to be precise. Second, as your gun recoils from the first shot, the follow up shot takes longer because the front sight seems to jump up higher due to the target appearing smaller. This drill will help you work on many skills such as draw time, cadence of fire, recoil management, and trigger control. This is a fairly low round count drill so it is a great one to utilize this year.

Happy Shooting and Remember The Four Firearm Safety Rules!

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