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Drill: ASP 10-Round Skill Challenge

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Active Self Protection, ASP, is owned and operated by John Correia. His training includes in person firearms classes as well as his Youtube surveillance video breakdowns. His contributions to the firearms world is based around looking at real lessons learned.

This drill is meant to be shot cold, as the first drill of a range session. It is a good metric of skills and should be performed regularly to see if you are improving, so work it often!


Draw, fire 1 round (x2)

Draw, fire 2 to the head (x1)

Draw, fire 6 to the chest (x1)

Distance: 5 Yards

Target: is the IALEFI-Q but any comparable target can be used, provided it has the bottle, box and head scoring zones.

Scoring- Every shot inside the box is worth 5 points. Shots inside the bottle are worth 3 points. Shots outside the bottle are considered a miss. Add total points (50 possible) and divide by the time it took to run the entire drill.

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