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Drill: Five Second Standards by Pat Mac

Pat McNamara, a former US Army Special Operations soldier, is a highly regarded firearms instructor that puts emphasis on physical fitness as well as  high level marksmanship. 

This drill, the Five Second Standard, is a basic assessment of your skill. Each string of fire adds more skills, and is more difficult. The par time and accuracy standard remains the same however.

Target: USPSA target

Distance: 7 Yards

Time: Five seconds per string

Standards: Pass/Fail. Anything outside the A zone is a miss. Any misses are a failure of the drill.

String 1: from the ready, raise and fore 2 shots into the A zone. 

String 2: from the holster, draw and fire 2 shots into the A zone.

String 3: from the holster, draw and fire 2 shots into the A zone using the strong hand ONLY. 

As you can see, the drill increases in skills needed, but the time remains the same. As soon as you can do this in 5 seconds, work toward 4 seconds. Continue to work and progress. 

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