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Drill: Wizard Drill by Ken Hackathorn

The "Wizard Drill" is a standard set of drills in the same vein as the "Black Belt Standards" by Modern Samurai Projects Scott Jedlinski. Ken Hackathorn is an expert in the field of Firearms training and came up with this standard to test the skills of students.

Note: it should be pointed out that this drill was brought back up by Gred Ellifritz of Active Response Training. To see his article click the link:

The drills are simple, but the time constraint makes them challenging. All the stages are to be performed within 2.5 seconds, and all from the holster.

Stage 1) 3 yards, one head shot strong hand only

Stage 2) 5 yards, one head shot using both hands on the gun

Stage 3) 7 yards, one head shot using both hands on the gun

Stage 4) 10 yards, two body shots using both hands on the gun.

The drill must be shot clean to pass. The drill must also be performed in the prescribed time frame. This is especially challenging with micro guns or guns in unconventional carry positions.

Good luck and have fun!

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