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Book Review: Glock by Paul M. Barrett

The history of Glock is wide and varied and is full of intrigue. While it seems like the history of a firearms company, it may surprise the reader to find that Gaston Glock made curtain rods and fixtures prior to firearms. As a matter of fact, he didn't have a tremendous amount of Firearms experience when he set our to acquire the Austria contract for service handgun.

Further, the firearms were only hesitantly brought to the United States market, and there were growing pains. The police market was the first target, but it was both praised and demonized by government and law enforcement agencies. Some agencies loves that they were light and high capacity while others believes the government and media when they touted it as a terrorist weapon designed to be smuggled on airplanes.

The saga continued as the all walks of life to include concealed carriers, police officer, rappers and drug dealers became enamored with the Glock and new arguments surrounded the capacity and materials. Family issues and possible money laundering even came to a head with an assassination attempt of Gaston himself.

While the writer appears to have some political beliefs sprinkled throughout the book, it is a great historical look at an icon of firearms manufacturing. This book is am interesting read and is worth a look.

The book can be found HERE:

Glock: The Rise of America's Gun

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