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Audio Review: P&S Modcast 254 - Verbal Skills

Warning: This podcast is explicit, both in content and in language. It is not advised to listen to any P&S podcast with children.

In this episode, Darryl Bolke, Varg Freeborn, Chuck Haggard, Doug Tinberg, and the host, Matt Lanfair have a discussion on communicating with violent people. While a great deal of the conversation is devoted to a police context, many of the lessons can be applied to the armed citizen.

The guests talk about their own experience and stories with de-escalation and talking to people that might otherwise be or become violent. They talk about respect and how to use respect as a tool to sooth someone's ego, but also how it can be a pre assault indicator if used toward you. Language is addressed, and the need to be authentic is reinforced. All the guests agreed that using "street language" if you are not from the trees will come off as inauthentic and likely escalate the situation.

This podcast has a bunch of gems that come out as general guidelines. While some of the Primary and Secondary podcasts demand that you break out a notebook, this one is a more fluid discussion of general communication.

The podcast can be found here:

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