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Attending Force on Force Classes

Attending Force on Force classes can be very valuable to show you how you will react in a realistic scenario. This will show you things such as how you will respond to being shot at, when your heart rate is elevated it will show you how well you are able to engage threats, it will also give you practice at identifying threats before engaging them with deadly force if needed. These are things that are missing when you are on a square range.

This is great stress inoculation. The non lethal ammunition used in these classes hurts just enough to motivate you to try not to get hit with it. This combined with role playing a realistic scenario gets your mind practice at processing information in these stressful situations. We train to shoot at whichever targets we are using for each drill, but it doesn't give us the opportunity to practice identifying the threat. A person that you see in the real world isn't always going to be a threat or a deadly threat, which means we aren't going to shoot each target or possible threat we see until we have identified them as a deadly threat. It can be hard to identify if someone has a weapon in their hand if the lighting is low, if they are wearing dark clothing, and even if you do identify that information it takes your brain a moment to process that information. This is great practice. Paper targets also do not shoot back at you. Attending a FoF class will teach you to utilize cover or concealment when possible.

We offer a Force on Force class on our website at titled Practical Force. If you are interested in signing up for this class you can email, call or you can usually reach us at Axmen Firearms during the work week.

Have a great and safe weekend!

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