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  • Randy England

Equipment: Magpul slings

Slings are like a holster for your rifle. When something comes up and you need your hands free, the ground is covered in snow or mud, what do you do if you do not have a sling? That can be an interesting situation. Slings are great to have for when you need both hands to complete a task or in just aiding in carrying the rifle. It is advantageous to have a sling with a quick adjustment function in order to snug it down against your body in order to carry it with no hands securing the weapon. With the differing weather patterns you may find yourself with more or less layers on. Even from season to season our clothing differs greatly for the temperature differences. If you set your sling to be snug during the summer when you are wearing a t shirt or long sleeve and the next time you go to use your rifle is in the winter and have a thick coat on, the rifle is not going to fit the same. This can take a while to adjust the sling without a quick adjustment slider. Even throughout the day I take advantage of the quick adjust slider. While I am moving I have my rifle snugged down and when I am ready to begin shooting I can reach down with one hand and loosen the sling enough to be able to shoulder the rifle. I was skeptical to try the Magpul sling in the beginning due to the plastic sliders and attachment points. I was also skeptical of how easy the Magpul quick adjust slider would be to manipulate and how much time it would take between adjustments. After having seen Magpul warranty some of their plastic parts such as a cracked magazine and a worn out plastic detent for the plastic MBUS front sight, that eased my mind if one of the sliders were to break. After taking the dive into trying one of their MS1 slings, I found not only was the slider easier to use than the ones I have used in the past but also when tightening the sling there is no long nylon tail that is flapping around in the wind. In fact there is no tail at all with this design that is hanging around loose. The only loose tails are at the two ends of the sling when fitting it to yourself. These can either be cut shorter and the ends burnt or taped to itself. Previous slings that I have used with metal teeth on the steel slider would slip from time to time when loosening the sling. It would only slip for a spit second then dig into the nylon webbing and lock into place. Even though it was only slipping for a fraction of a second, that took away some of my confidence in it. The Magpul slings can be used both as a single-point sling and a two-point sling. The slings can be purchased in a MS1 configuration with no attachments at either end so you can choose the sling swivels of your choice. The MS3 slings can be purchased with either clamps at both ends or with one quick-disconnect swivel and a clamp on the other end. The MS4 model has quick-disconnect attachments on both ends. I have grown to love this sling and it lives on the last rifle I purchased it for. I will definitely be trading some of my other rifle slings out for more Magpul slings.

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