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Equipment: Kore Essentials Gun Belts

I got one of the gunbelts from Kore Essentials a few years ago. It has held up very well. I wear it about half the days and the other half I use another one of my carry belts. When selecting a belt off of their website, make sure to choose from their gunbelt options. The others are not stiff enough to support a handgun for your every day carry.

They have many options of belt buckles in different finishes. They even have some western belt buckles in their line up now. The offer their gun belts in both leather and nylon. They are plastic reinforced for rigidity. You don't need to worry about which size to order from them. They only offer one size. There is a diagram on the back with dotted lines that will show you were to cut for your specified pant size. I did need to use strong shears in order to cut all the way through the plastic reinforcement. It is pretty dang hard. After seeing the liner, then I understood how they are so rigid.

Over the last few years the edges have started to fray, but only a very minor amount. Their belts are very affordable. They start just a little over $60. You can even buy replacement belts if yours gets damaged and put your belt buckle on the belt. If you decide you want to try different belt buckles they even sell just the belt buckle so you don't need to buy a whole new belt unless you choose to. The track system on the back is very cool too. If you need your belt tighter you just pull on the tail and if you need to loosen after a big lunch or something you just release the lever on the buckle and can loosen it a couple clicks.

It definitely met my expectations and I plan continue to buy more in the future. I am sure glad they are around and love how easy they are to take on and off. Also, after looking on their website recently, I noticed that they have a USA manufactured line of gunbelts too. That is really cool to see them started to manufacture in the US! The USA line of belts start around $89.95 which is understandable because most gun belts are in that price point anyways. They still offer their flagship line that starts at $60.

Everyone have a fun and safe Weekend!

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