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Equipment: Athlon Midas BTR Gen2 1-6x24

In the last few months we started carrying Athlon Optics at the store. They seem to be very clear. The eye box is very forgiving. You can feel and hear the clicks when you are making your adjustments. They do come with a lifetime warranty that does not require you to hold on to your receipt and that does not require you to register your scope with them either. I really like their Midas BTR Gen2 1-6x24 with the ATSR4-SFP-IR reticle. It is the typical horseshoe that you see around the aiming point but what I like about theirs is that the horseshoe is big enough to span from shoulder to shoulder and around the head on an IPSC target at 7yds when left on 1 power. Most other optics I have used, the horseshoe is about half or a third the size of the IPSC target which only covers the A-zone. It is very easy to bracket the IPSC target into the horseshoe and with the bigger reticle, I seem to be able to line it up on target faster. The rest of the reticle isn't overly busy. It has drops out to 600yds marked along with wind holds. The price point is also very fair for what you are getting. This is one of their mid tier models and runs under $600 at the time of writing this. They do have other LPVO's that run a little less as well that the glass isn't quite as clear. They also offer some front focal plane scopes with adjustable parallax, zero stop with lots of adjustment in them in their mid tier line for just over $600 at the time of writing this.

Hope everyone enjoys their Weekend! Have a great and safe Weekend!

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