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Equipment: Blue Force Geat Tourniquet NOW! carrier

Blue Force Gear is an accessory company with innovative designs. Sometimes, their equipment is very mission specialized, such as collapsing magazine pouches for operators that need the slimmest profile available. Other items are just a better mousetrap, such as thw contoured battle belt that has a more comfortable fit than many others on the market. 

The Tourniquet NOW! is a simple and secure tourniquet carrier that affixed to any MOLLE strap, but is low cost enough that you could easily justify attaching a clip or any other attachment point. It is a simple plastic bar with two stout elastic bands attached. It holds the tourniquet perpendicular to the MOLLE strapping, and holds tight in said strapping.

Because of its exposed nature, it is very fast to deploy your tourniquet, and can often be attached to the OUTSIDE of a medical kit, which is more desirable. The down side to the open design is that it can be affected more by the environmetals. Exposure to sun, sand and moisture can degrade the life span of your tourniquet. 

Though it seems like the bands might hinder the draw of the TQ, but even the NAR CAT (Combat Action Tourniquet) with its wide buckles have no issues coming out rapidly. 

I have used these carriers for nearly 6 years and have yet to have one wear out. They are durable and quite useful.

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