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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Drill: Speed Shooting

The Speed Shooting drill from Kyle Defoor has been around for a long time, only with less structured time standards. The Defoor version gives us a very specific set of standards to meet and pushes us to know and practice our failure point.

Defoor Speed Shooting Drill:

Each string will consist of 6 shots. The time to get those shots on target will decrease as you progress.

Distance: 5 Yards

Target: 6 inch circle

Par times: 6 shots per string

2x - 1 second intervals between shots

2x - .5 second intervals between shots

2x - .25 second intervals between shots

2x - as fast as possible (keeping all shots in the backstop, not on the target)

After you have finished, go back to the time where you were able to complete all shots on target. Repeat it once, then go to the next interval and repeat a few times. The point of this drill is to have a good idea of how fast you can go before you need to reel it back in to maintain accuracy. Repeat and increase speed when you are consistently accurate.

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