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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Drill: The Box Drill

The Box drill has been around for a long time and replicates a failure to stop drill, but with 2 targets. With this drill you get transitions from each targets aiming zone, as well as transitions between the targets.

The Box Drill:

Distance: 5 yards

Time: Variable (work on your speed)

Target: 2 silhouette targets set up 1 yard apart

At the signal to shoot, draw and fire 2 shots to the body of the first target, then one shot to the head. transition to the second target and take one head shot then two body shots. The pattern that you shoot will be roughly a square (up, over, down).

This drill is simple, but it sets the stage to add in other skills such as reloading, movement, single hand shooting and more. Add what you like to make this drill work for you.

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