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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Drill: 5 Yard Roundup

The Five Yard Roundup drill is a low round count drill designed to do a quick assessment of your close range skills under time pressure. This drill is shot from 4 start positions, with a total of 10 rounds. The par time remains consistent, as well as the distance. If you go over the par time, 5 points are deducted (per shot) from your total score. Your total possible score is 100.

Five Yard Roundup:

Distance: 5 Yards

Time: 2.5 Seconds per string of fire

Target: B8 Bullseye

String 1: From the concealed holster, draw and fire 1 round

String 2: From the low ready, fire 4 rounds (both hands on gun)

String 3: From the low ready, fire 3 rounds strong hand only

String 4: From the low ready, fire 2 rounds

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