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  • Randy England

Equipment: Reflex Protect

Reflex Protect is made by a company by the name of Reflex Red Storm, LLC. The company is based here in Missoula, MT. The product seems to be an exceptional less-lethal option for stopping a threat. This product excels at providing a CS Presidia Gel stream to the attacker without much splash to innocent bystanders even within close proximity. CS is short for chlorobenzalmalononitrile. This is the same stuff that is used by Law Enforcement personnel in tear gas. It causes eyes to water and it is very difficult for the victim to keep their eyes open and see after being exposed to it. CS causes mucus to flow from the victims nose in mass amounts. CS also causes a very uncomfortable burning sensation to sensitive skin. The Presidia Gel is a concentrated amount of CS that is sticky in order to minimize splash. Right now this product is offered in 2.5oz bottles. The 2.5 ounce cans can be found at Axmen Firearms for $59.99. There are also similarly sized practice units. These units are a little big to be used in someones edc kit. Although, they would be a great addition as a tool for people in their home, office, or vehicle. It would be nice to see this offered in a smaller package that could be carried discreetly on ones person. It could be a nice less-lethal option for people to carry in that it has no long-term medical effects to the victim. Remember, it is always nice to have a few different defensive tools especially of different escalation levels. If the only defensive tool someone carries is a handgun, they might find themselves in trouble if they were not justified in using a handgun against a lesser threat. There is a quote from Abraham Maslow, "If all you have is a hammer, then you will see everyone as nails."

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