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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Presscheck Consulting "No Fail" Drill

Presscheck Consulting is a training company that specializes in military and law enforcement tactics and techniques. Some of their unique are night vision team tactics for LE and Mil.

"No Fail "Drill:

This drill is shot COLD from concealment. No warm ups. Use this as the opening drill for your range day.

Distance: 25 Yards

Target: NRA B8 Bullseye

Par Time: 3.5 Seconds

This is a Pass/Fail drill. If all shots are in the black, you pass. If not, it is a fail. The drill cannot be attempted more than once per day.

At the signal, draw and fire 1 round on a B8 target. Repeat 10 times. You have one make-up for going over the par time, but no make ups for shots outside the black portion of the target.

This is a very challenging drill. It is also a good metric for what you are able to do on demand, should the situation arise.

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