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  • Randy England

Accelerator Drill

This is a variant of the accelerator drill that I borrowed from Mason Lane. Set up is as follows, three IPSC targets staggered one yard from each other. One target set at 7 yards from the shooter, one target set at 15 yards from the shooter, and the last set at 25 yards from the shooter. Load six rounds into two magazines, for a total of twelve rounds. The shooter draws and fires two shots freestyle at each target before transitioning to the next target. After shooting the first six shots, reload and fire the same drill again but single-handed. This can be done with either dominant hand only or support hand only. If practiced while using a shot timer this will give you an idea of your draw time to first shot. It will also give you an idea of your split times in between shots and your transition times from target to target. You can then compare your freestyle times against your single-handed shooting times. You can practice this drill starting with the nearest target and working to the farthest target or you can start the drill with the farthest target and working to the nearest target.

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