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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Do the Hard Work


When considering what we may have to do to save our own lives in a self defense situation, it is imperative that we do not tell ourselves that it will be easy. We need to ensure that we have a realistic expectation of what may occur. So we need to make sure that we are putting in the proper work to ensure that we are as prepared as we can be for any situation we may face.

Don't Suck:

After we have reconciled that our worst day may be significantly worse than we have imagined, we need to set goals for ourselves. We can only improve incrementally from where we are right now. This means we have to create goals for ourselves that can make us more capable for the worst case scenario. Find your deficiencies and work to make them better.

We always must remember to take pride in everything we do. We must put in the work to be competent and proficient. We can afford to be substandard in some areas of our lives, but not when it is our life or the lives of our loved ones at stake.

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