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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Change is Good


When looking at your training history, it is good to see where you have been to evaluate how much you have learned. It is important to evolve in the defensive arts as new, better techniques surface.

What have you changed:

If you look back on your training, carry choices, and options, many of us cringe at what we used to do. If you keep a constant log of what you have changed from year to year, along with why you made those changes, you can track your ability to critically think about your defensive needs. Why did you add the equipment you added? Why did you take something away? What equipment takes priority of access?

If we keep track of what has changed, we can make better decisions for the future. We can avoid mistakes we have already made. We can immediately eliminate an option by virtue of the qualities we have already dismissed. We can more effectively add in the training we are lacking.

Keep learning, keep growing.

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