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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Fighting Time


Time marches on and on. We can reasonably assume that our ability to do all the things that we are able to do today will eventually degrade. Speed, strength and agility are all survival skills that may be used should we ever have to defend ourselves. How do we deal with new challenges that come with age? How do we adapt to the new limits on our abilities? What can we do to push the timeline back?


We are constantly trying to keep doing whatever we have been doing. We simply find a new way to accomplish the task. If we adapt our techniques to our new parameters, we can continue to perform past what would have been a limitation. Finding different defensive calibers, carry options, and fighting techniques may become necessary as we find the natural limitations that age places upon us. Remember that there are always options. There is always a way, an adaptation, an evolution.

Fitness NOW:

Endeavoring to create longevity now is a good way to extend our abilities in the future. When preparing for survival, defense is critical, but heart disease and cancer kill over a million people a year. Creating a base of fitness NOW is important to our survival and longevity, both in defensive scenarios and for long term survival.

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