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  • Randy England

5 X 5 Drill

You will need an IDPA target at ten yards for this exercise and 25 rounds. Starting position will be hands at your sides, facing the target, concealment garments are not necessary. There are four strings of fire total. The first, draw and fire five shots freestyle. Second, draw and fire five shots strong hand only. Third, draw and fire five shots freestyle, then reload from slide lock and fire five more shots freestyle. On the last string, draw and fire four shots to the body and one shot to the head freestyle. Scoring standards are unlimited scoring, which means shooters may fire as many rounds they feel necessary in order to meet the number of hits. Points down scoring will also be used with a penalty of a half second per point down. The -0 portion on IDPA targets designates -0 points, -1 target area designates -1 point, and -3 target area designates -3 points. Bill Wilson is the creator of this drill and his standards are as follows: Grand Master: 15 seconds or less. Master: 20 seconds or less. Expert: 25 seconds or less. Sharpshooter: 32 seconds or less. Marksman: 41 seconds or less. Novice: 50 seconds or less.

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