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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Speed vs. Target Size

When checking your training standards, it is good to ensure that distance and accuracy standards are not the only factors affecting your shot speed.

To check this, it is good to shoot both full size and recessed targets at the same distance. If the distance remains constant and you should still see a difference in speed due to the accuracy standards needed to effectively engage the target.


With multiple attackers it may be necessary to put shots on target faster with slightly less precision so we can transition to another target. We also may have a smaller target available on a given target (cover, body armor, etc.) This drill simulates the need to put hits on a target at a defensive distance at speed. It shows the difference in appropriate speed based on the available target in a defensive shooting.

Targets - standard size paper plate and a smaller desert plate

Range - 7, 10 or 15 yards

Start Position - low ready

Raise and fire 5 rounds for time on full size target.

Repeat on smaller target.

All shots must be on the target for comparison.

Compare the times from large to small target. The speed on the large target should be noticeably faster than the small target. If it is not, repeat the drill until you can hit the larger target at an accelerated speed over the small target. REMEMBER: ALL SHOTS MUST BE ON THE TARGET.

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