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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Federal Air Marshal Tactical Pistol Course (old version)

This is the old pistol qualification course for the Federal Air Marshals. It is a challenging course with the time constraints placed on the shooter, and will definitely put pressure on the shooter.

This course is to be shot with no warmup on the FBI QIT target (old bowling pin style), but any slightly recessed silhouette can be used as well. The course is shot from 7 yards.

-Draw, fire one round (perform twice)

From Concealed holster

1.65 Seconds (3.30 total)

2 rounds fired

-Raise and double tap (perform twice)

Low ready

1.35 sec (2.70 total)

4 rounds fired

-Rhythm: fire 6 rounds at one target with no more than 0.6 seconds between shots (perform once)

Low ready

3.00 sec

6 rounds fired

-One shot, speed reload, one shot (perform twice)

Low ready

3.25 sec (6.50 total)

4 rounds

-One round each on two targets 3 yards apart (perform twice)

Low ready

1.65 sec (3.30 total)

4 rounds

-Pivot 180 degrees and engage 3 targets (3 yards apart) with one round each (perform twice, once turning left, once right)

From Concealed holster

3.50 sec (7.00 total)

6 rounds

-One round, slide locks back, drop to one knee, reload, fire one round (perform twice)

Low ready

4.00 sec (8.00 total)

4 rounds

If total time is over the allotted amount, the drill has been failed. Each hit within the scoring zone is worth 5 points, each hit on paper touching the line or outside the scoring zone is worth 2 points. Misses are scored as a 0. Minimum score of 135, and under the allotted time limit for each drill is a GO or PASS.

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