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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

30 Rounds Well Spent


This is an accuracy metric. It is unimportant what the score is the first time, just as long as you continue to improve each time. Focus is on the fundamentals; grip, sight alignment, trigger press, breathing and steady base.

The Target:

B-8 Bullseye target, but any 20” target will do.

The Drill:

25 yards

On signal, fire 5 rounds in one minute. It is best to fire these one at a time, coming back down to ready to take a couple of breaths and get ready to go again. Think of these as five individual, precisely aimed shots.

15 yards

2 strings:

First, on signal fire 5 rounds in 15 seconds. This is adequate time per shot to allow you to concentrate on getting a good sight picture and a smooth trigger press.

Second, on signal fire 5 rounds in 10 seconds. Cutting the time limit forces you to work on immediate follow through and an appropriate cadence.

7 yards

Start with only 5 rounds in the pistol, and have a spare magazine, speedloader, speed strip or whatever you use for fast reloading on your person.

On signal, fire 5 rounds, reload, and fire 5 more rounds, all in 15 seconds.

5 yards.

On signal, fire 5 rounds in 5 seconds.control, follow through, proper cadence, and reloading skill, all in one string.

That’s it. You have fired 30 rounds total, for a maximum possible score of 300 points.

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