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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Handgun Warm-up Drills


Before working your skills hard at the range, it can be beneficial to warm up with some standard drills. Warming up can give you a few repetitions to re-familiarize yourself with skills and can also give you a good idea of what skills need work.

Distance shooting:

Doing distance shooting at 25 yards is a good way to ensure that your fundamentals are solid. It will test your trigger press, your sight alignment and your follow through.

-Round Count: 15 Rounds (3-5 shot groups)

-Target: Bulls Eye

-Range: 25 Yards

-Drill: Starting with the firearm holstered, draw and fire 5 shot groups on a bullseye target (or at a fixed point on the target). The goal is to have all of your groups measure under 8 inches or less. As you progress, ensure that you are progressing to a smaller group size.

Reload/Speed Shooting:

This drill incorporates the defensive skills of drawing, firing rapid follow up shots, and reloading the handgun.

-Round Count: 12 Rounds (3-4 shot strings of fire)

-Target: Defensive style silhouette

-Range: 3 yards, 5 yards, 7 yards

-Drill: Starting at the 3 yard line, with 2 magazines loaded with 2 rounds each (1 in the gun, 1 in a magazine pouch), draw and fire 2 rounds with rapid engagement, reload, and fire 2 rounds. Perform this again at the 5 and 7 yard lines.

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