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  • Ian T. Mena-Wieland

Enhancing Dry Fire (Part 4: Technology)


Dry fire can often seem tedious and can get stale very quickly. To keep yourself on track, you should vary your routine on a regular basis, but keep in mind a goal that you would like to reach (faster magazine changes, better transitions, etc.).


There are many dry fire applications that can be downloaded for free to a smartphone. These applications will not only give you suggestions for your next practice session, but can be used alongside a downloadable timer that will beep once to begin the drill and again after the “par time” has been reached. This will give you a measurement as to how much you have progressed.

Another option is to use somebody else's drills. Gun forums often have dry fire drills that other people like to do, but you can even order the compact dry fire deck of cards if you like.

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