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Training With New Guns

After a while, we can find ourselves getting stuck in a rut of only using the guns we are familiar with and like. I know I am guilty of this. If we aren't trying new things, then how will we know that the gun we are carrying or using fits us best and shoots best for us? With all of the reputable manufacturers out there and new models being released, there are constantly new guys worth trying out to see if they fit your needs better. It was just a few years ago that micro pistols only held between six to eight rounds. Now it is common for micro pistols to hold ten to twelve rounds and offering a grip that is a touch longer that we can get all of our fingers on during the grip, instead of having the pinky hanging off into no man's land. Oem factory triggers are even getting a little bit better and sights that now are coming from the factory installed are very usable and a little easier to align than the typical three dot sights. Now manufacturers are following Smith and Wesson with either grip frames that have back straps that can be changed to find the right grip size or complete interchangeable frames that are affordable such as Sig Sauer to find the grip that is right for you.

One way in which I try new things, is when going to the range with buddies we will swap guns. This will give you an opportunity to try a gun that you haven't tried yet. Maybe it shoots a bit softer and your follow up shots are faster and easier, maybe you will find that you can reach the controls easier or you might find that you like the sights on their gun better. This will also open you up to trying new sights since everyone has a little different style of sights on their gun that they prefer. There are so many different sights offered such as the orange or yellow bullseye on the front sight, tfo sights, i-dot sights, fiber optic etc.

Trading guns with friends during the range session will also open you up to trying different styles of handguns and revolvers. Whether it is a double action revolver, single action pistol, double/single action pistol or a striker fired pistol. This can be beneficial to get practice on the other style of actions in case you have to carry the other style for self defense or to defend yourself with if for some reason your gun isn’t available to you because it is being worked on or maybe your spouses gun is the one closest to you if you had to defend yourself in a home invasion or another situation. So it is probably not a bad idea to be proficient with your spouses gun as well.

Have a great and safe weekend!

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