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Equipment: VERTX Unity Tactical Runners Clutch

The Vertx runners clutch was developed in conjunction with Unity Tactical. Unity is a problem solving accessory company and Vertx specializes in bags, pouches and clothing that also solve non standard problems.

The Runners Clutch is a great solution for people that are unable to wear a belt, need deeper concealment, or carry with a tucked shirt. It has 3 pouches to accommodate a myriad of gear, including a firearm, magazines, flashlights, medical equipment, and any other survival or comfort tool you would like to add. The belt is thin, and adjustable, fitting most people, and the outer layer will allow you to connect your holster to the pouch by the holster clip. If you wanted a more secure mounting system, you can use the supplied adhesive Velcro panel to attach to the inside of the pouch, as they have seen fit to sew the loop portion into the pouch. With this, you can adjust the angle and ride height of the holster, while keeping your ability to train with and re-holster the gun in your carry gear.

I have used this pouch for a couple of smaller firearms and a would like to say that it is very well designed and well priced. My favorite feature of this holster is the ability to tuck the shirt. When dressed in formal or office appropriate clothing, the tuckable options have always left a clip of something else exposed. This leaves no trace, as long as you do your part for printing. The other features that I like may appeal to ladies as well as men. The ability to ride it at any position on my body (as it is its own belt) is great because pant waistlines do not always come to the same part on the body. This belt allows the user to control their belt line independent of the pants. The other wonderful thing is that I can wear this with sweats or workout clothing that has no belt. This gives the user a great deal of versatility.

This product may not be the best option for everyone, but it solves quite a few issues that people face.

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