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Equipment: Streamlight Pocket Mate

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

The Streamlight Pocket Mate is the newest evolution in keychain lights. While keychain flashlights are not generally powerful enough for defensive duties, they are much more likely to go with you everywhere and offer you an opportunity to identify danger before you are in it.

The Pocket Mate is a micro USB rechargeable light that is around an inch square. It's quick clip allows it to attach to any set of keys, and the pocket clip can attach to clothing or hats as well. Most of the time, flashlights this size are only powerful enough to illuminate the 6 inches around the light itself. This light, however is surprisingly bright at 325 lumens and over 1400 candella. While this pales on comparison to 25,000 candella 1000 lumen lights, the package can be carried by anyone wearing anything.

This light is an everyday task light that gets a ton of use from me. I recommend it for anyone that can use a little extra light in their life.

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