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Equipment: Real Avid Master Cleaning Station AR15

Many people have AR-15's in their firearms collection by now. If you didn't have one before 2020, chances are you most likely added one to the safe this year. This is a nice kit that will give you just about everything you will need to maintain your AR. After cleaning your AR a few times, you might make some tweaks to how or what you clean with.

This kit comes with a very large mat, which is plenty large enough to hold a full sized AR-15. A mat is great to have so you don't have to find a large enough shop towel that you don't mind sacrificing to get dirty. There is a parts tray on the right hand side that will hold all the parts of from your bolt carrier group. There is even a small magnetic parts tray from the small, easily lost pieces.

The kit also comes with round chamber cleaning pads that are cut to size for the star chamber. These are a big help to get into those nooks and crannies. Without them, I had to previously use cotton swabs or a thin rag to get the fouling and debris from the star chamber.

A brass cleaning rod is included that breaks down into short sections for easy storage. The brass is also softer that the steel used for the barrel, so it will not scratch the inside of your barrel as you push it through. Patches, brushes, and jags are also included to clean the inside of the barrel. A nylon brush is also included which comes in handy for brushing the dirt and dust out of your handguard, grip, and stock. It is especially hand for brushing out the picatinny slots that seem to collect lots of dirt and dust.

The only thing the kit is missing to keep you going is the cleaner and lubricant that you prefer to use on your rifle. The work station even rolls up into the mat for compact storage and keeps the kit all together in one place. You can find these Cleaning kits at Axmen Firearms and they run $56.99.

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